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The Best Yoga Mat For Your Practice

A stack of the best yoga mats.
When it comes to finding the best yoga mat, there are a few factors to consider. You’ll want a mat that works best with the type of yoga you practice the most. So, don’t just go out and buy the one with the cheapest price tag or prettiest design on it. Think about the following characteristics, before you start your search for the best yoga mat.

Considerations For The Best Yoga Mat For Your Practice:


To figure out the ideal yoga mat thickness for your practice think about where you will be using your yoga mat. You’ll want something with a little bit of cushion if you will be using it on hard floors. However, if the mat is too thick, it could be difficult to balance on. Will you be traveling with your yoga mat? You’ll want to make sure it’s an appropriate thickness, so you can roll it up easily and carry it around.


The importance of texture isn’t just the way it feels underneath your toes. You’ll want some great traction, so you don’t slip and slide around. Do your hands and feet get very sweaty? Do you take hot yoga? If so, you’ll want extra traction. However, the best yoga mat for you won't feel rough or uncomfortable underneath your feet. If you do a lighter yoga or don’t sweat very much, you may not need as much traction. You can also consider getting a yoga mat towel to put on top of your mat, which allows for extra traction with a different texture.

Sustainability and Cost

To purchase the best yoga mat for the environment, look at what materials make up the mat. It’s best if you can find one made of PVC-free materials or a mat derived from a natural plant base. That will typically cost a little more, but we think being an eco-friendly consumer justifies the higher price.

Size and Style

There are standard yoga mat sizes, but you can also find custom sizes as well. To find the best yoga mat for you, consider how long and wide you would like the yoga mat to be. Are you taller? A longer yoga mat will be perfect! Do you perform exercises and stretches that require a wider mat? Find one with wider dimensions. There are also some mats with pretty decorations and borders. You’ll have to decide how important this is to you and determine the best yoga mat to fit your size, traction, and style needs.

If you’re going to use your yoga mat a lot, be sure to put some thought behind selecting the best yoga mat. Do your research, do the touch test, and read reviews online before you buy. The best yoga mat for you will be one that ensures a healthy yoga practice, a workout that focuses on breathing and moving fluidly through the poses.

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