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Insanity Max 30 week one results and bikini competition meal plan

It is the beginning of bikini Comp prep season for me again. With all of the health problems I have had this last year battling adrenal fatigue. I am taking it slow and controlled this time around. As many of you know, I am a Beachbody coach and will be using the Insanity Max 30 for my morning cardio. I am not a fan of cardio. But, I love this program. It is my soul mate workout and I am already seeing changes in my body from being on the program for one week.

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I will not be following the Insanity Max interval 30 meal plan as I am following my plan was given to me by my bikini comp coach.

Currently this is what my diet looks like. Remember that this diet was designed for me and my body. I like to share with you so you can see my plan still includes all of the food groups. It was designed around specific macronutrients for my body and each food has a specific reason that it is being incorporated.

Drink 1 gallon water minimum
Eat every 3 hours

Meal 1: 3 egg whites with 1 cup peppers, ½ cup plain cheerios, 3oz grapefruit

Meal 2: 3oz chicken breast, 3oz basmati rice, ½ cup green beans.

Meal 3: 3oz chicken breast, 1 cup romaine lettuce, with 1tbsp oil and 1tbsp vinegar. 

Meal 4: 1 scoop protein shake, 1 medium apple.

Meal 5: 3.2oz ground turkey 93/7, with 2oz lime, 1oz avocado, 1 cup onions and peppers.

Meal 6: 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 0r 3oz sirloin steak, 1 cup onions and peppers.

My training schedule looks like this for Insanity Max 30 this week:

Week 1
Monday: Cardio Challenge
Tuesday: Tabata Power
Wednesday: Sweat Intervals
Thursday: Tabata Power
Friday: Friday Fight: Round 1
Saturday: Rest or Pulse
Sunday: No Workout

My training schedule looks like this:
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Back
Friday: Hamstrings/ glutes
Saturday: Biceps/ Triceps

max interval 30 meal plan, bikini competition, meal plan for Bikini competition, Max interval 30 results, Support, Accountability, clean eating, top 10 beachbody coach,

I am starting a new group this week for individuals that would like to be coached through Insanity Max 30. 

So here is the scoop!  I'm starting a 60 day fitness support and accountability group through my online Facebook private page.  

The requirements are this:

You make me your coach by going to my site and creating a free profile which makes me your COACH!  

You contact me by completing the application below to be considered for a spot in the group.

Together we decide what fitness program will best meet your needs.  You are required to do a Beachbody Fitness program{I will help you make the decision as to what fits you best}

You are required to replace Shakeology with 1 meal each day for the very best results.  My goal is to teach you how to plan and prepare the other meals of the day so that you get the results you are looking for.  At the end of the 60 days the choice is yours to continue with Shakeology or not!

You must check in daily to the closed online group to rate your day, be accountable and engage in the group discussion of the day.

That's it!  You get to workout in your own home but be connected to me 24/7 for support, fitness, recipes, nutrition and tips!

I am committed to helping you get the very best results possible!  Are you ready to rock it?!?!  

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