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Need motivation to live your truth


Need motivation to live your truth


What are you doing... Not literally right now in this very moment, but with your life? 

What are your goals? 

What are your "whys"? 

What have you risked? 

What hopeful wishes have turned into denies?

I've always been a dreamer, but I wasn't always a goal crusher. 

I was the kind of dreamer who wished for more but never took any action. 

{all talk- no walk}

Alyssa Schomaker - need motivation to live your truth ?

Until one day, I was tired of the purposeless life I felt I lead. 

I was sick of "going thru the motions" and felt that this couldn't be what life was really all about... 

What about the happy fairytales we were taught at a young age.. was I even really happy? 

Is this all adulthood really was? 

contentment.. basically just living to survive?!

- and then after the death of my grandpa I had this awakening. 🌟✨🌟

I figured that if this was "my life," why not try for more? 

Alyssa Schomaker - need motivation to live your truth ?

Why not listen to that whisper that was placed in my heart. 

If I fail, I'll be right back where I am now, but if I don't even try, I'll be here forever... Still working holidays and shift work.

 (Not entirely happy with the life I've been living, content and just living to survive) 

So I set goals, big scary goals that seem completely out of my reach. 

Goals like I am going to own a business helping other women love themselves and find their truth that has a holistic framework, I am going to publish personal development books, and be a motivational speaker that inspires people by my journey to take action in their life and I am going to fulfill my philanthropist spirit by first helping the families in Pittsburgh and then  develop a clothing line that funds schools and clean water for the worlds less fortunate. 

Alyssa Schomaker - need motivation to live your truth ?

 A funny thing happens when you switch your way of thinking... When you turn your brain into a freight train that lost control of it's brake pads at 110mph and is heading down a one way path.. You not only become a goal setter but you become a goal crusher.

Now not all of these things have happened YET but, these goals are what keep me up at night and BURN a FIRE soooo DEEP within my SOUL that I can't stop thinking about them.

Some would say it is an obsession but, to me it is just a whole lot of PASSION with flame that was only lit by taking action. 

Anything you want to achieve starts and ends in your mind.

Take the action, build your wings, and FLY.

Alyssa Schomaker - need motivation to live your truth ?

Have the courage to say YES to the seeds planted in your soul and watch your DREAMS GROW and GROW and GROW. 🌱🌱🌱

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