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Successful Transformation results from Insanity, T25, and P90x3


Some people work their whole lives reflecting, reading, studying and searching for their life's work.  You know that thing that makes you jump out of bed each and every day puts a smile on your face and some pep in your step.  You know when you are talking to a passionate person when their conversation just envelopes you and you are completely in awe of what they do.  You don't care what it is, you want to do it because they are just so stinking excited about it that you are too!   Well that is ME, that is Beachbody and I love what I do!  I literally can't imagine working anywhere else, doing any other job but THIS!  Waking up every single morning to success stories that move me to tears, non scale victories of overcoming emotional eating, fitting into clothes they haven't worn in 10+ years, and having the energy to run around and play with their kids! That is worth IT!!!  That right there is what I have been called to do!  

This week a coach on my team shared her transformation story with us!  She wasn't a coach when she started this transformation.  But because of her love for the products, her dedication and commitment she became an amazing success story and is now leading others on the path to success.  

Ashley started her weight loss journey 6 months ago with Insanity.  {NOTE THIS IS THE HARDEST WORKOUT EVER}  She completed Insanity, then T25 and is now doing P90X3.  She has lost a WHOPPING 76 LBS AND 76 INCHES over the course of 6 months!  Now right there that screams DEDICATION!

You know weight loss is not easy, the more you have to lose the harder it is.  The more it hurts and the easier it becomes to quit. But her perseverance and commitment are what makes her stand proud today sharing these pictures.
Insanity, T25, P90X3 Transformation Story
Weight Loss Transformation Story

Here is her personal testimony:

This week marks exactly 6 months since Ashleystarted her weight loss journey. 70 lbs, 76 inches and 23% body lost in just 6 months." I can honestly say beachbody has saved my life! I was on a bad road with deteriorating health and I am so grateful! I have my amazing coach Sarah Bender to thank! The entire dream team, since I became a coach it has given me even more motivation to continue on this journey! "
I started with Insanity, completed that then I completed T25 and now I am on block 2 P90X3. Soon to add in 21 day fix! #beachbodyjunkie4life

My weight loss transformation story

To join a challenge group contact me by completing my challenge group application It's about time for your after picture!!!

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