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Make Attainable New Year's Resolutions

achievable new years eve resolutions

Keep your resolutions this year, by making them attainable and realistic. It’s fun to imagine the endless possibilities for the coming year, thinking about all the things you can do and all the plans you want to make. However, realistic resolutions are the key to success. Create attainable New Year’s resolutions, reach them, and then create a new goal. It is a cycle that leads to long-term success.

Why do attainable resolutions matter?

  • They matter because they’re attainable!
  • If you are setting unrealistic goals for yourself, it is too easy to get discouraged when you don’t see appropriate progress toward your goals. This can diminish your drive for your resolution, even if you are bettering your life while working toward achieving it!

Build on your resolutions.

  • If you set resolutions that are attainable and set goals that you can reach, you will be able to continually build on new goals throughout the new years. This will inspire and motivate continual growth toward your goals. You will find new inspiration and checking off a goal and being able to set a brand new one for the future.

What are some examples of attainable, buildable resolutions?

  • Instead of saying, “In 2016, I am going to lose weight,” say, “By February 28th of 2016, I will have lost 10 pounds.” This resolution is trackable, attainable, and gives you a specific goal to reach! It is possible to lose 10 pounds in two months. With focus, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, you can achieve this resolution and set a new one! “Losing weight” is too ambiguous; without a clear, specific resolution it is hard to stay motivated.


  • “I’m going to workout more in 2016.” Will you, though? You probably won’t with a resolution like that. Instead, make a resolution to “hit the gym three times each week” or “meet with a personal trainer twice a month to stay accountable for my fitness goals.” These examples of resolutions can be tracked and achieved routinely, so you can be proud that you are continually working and succeeding at your New Year’s resolutions.

Eating Healthy

  • A healthy lifestyle seems to be on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list this year. Attain this resolution by having a plan to live a healthier life. Don’t wake up on January 1st and expect to change your lifestyle. Research how you want to live, how you will implement healthy choices into your life, and how to will succeed with healthy living in 2016. Having a plan for a healthy life is the only way to succeed.

For extra motivation or coaching on fitness and healthy living, please contact me! I am here to help inspire your healthy journey and get you on the right track toward fitness success. Make attainable resolutions this year and see how far you have come by December of 2016.

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