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Sunshine in my soul: Faith and Fitness challenge

I have had this idea on my mind for awhile now.

Sunshine in my soul: Faith and Fitness challenge

It is not for everyone.

It is a little frightening as I certainly am no expert and definitely have had my fair share of Sins in my time.

See--- having a strong faith is something I didn't have for a long time in my life.

I mean I believed.

But, I never had truly surrendered.

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom and invited the lord into all areas of my life that I realized that the lords path for me is much more beautiful then I could have ever imagined.

I realize that it is the start that holds people back from ever beginning.

We rely on our own strengths to see us get things done, to avoid temptations, etc... but what I have learned, and what I feel has been a HUGE component of my success in business and in my relationship has been learning that I NEED to rely on God to guide me and provide me strength to overcome any obstacle that may come my way.

I am learning to let go and let God.

I know my mess is part of my message and by sharing my obstacles and how I am overcoming them can be a vehicle for change in others.

And this is the idea behind my SUNSHINE in your SOUL faith + fitness

Evoking change from the inside-out.

I want to keep this group to 20 ladies.

20 ladies that are committed to change and surrendering the things in their life that hold them back from becoming their best self.

Are you ready to shine?

Can you commit to 21 days of surrending your excuses and lighting that sunshine into your soul that starts this journey with us together?

Faith. Fitness. Fun. Friends.

email me at *sunshine in your soul* to be considered.🌞

Our group will start Tuesday after Labor Day!

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