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Stretching Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Woman experiencing stretching benefits.
I don’t know about you but I feel refreshed, relaxed and satisfied after a great workout that includes some ballistic stretching beforehand and static stretching afterwards. Ballistic stretching is stretching that includes movement to get the muscles going, like doing arm circles or leg kicks. With static stretching, you sit in a stretch and push yourself as opposed to using movement. Ballistic stretching is awesome before a workout to prevent injury and I like doing some static stretches afterwards for increased flexibility. Stretching benefits extend from body to mind and it’s one of my favorite aspects of a fit life!
Stretching benefits:
Increases range of motion. The general increase in motion is obvious when it comes to stretching benefits. When muscles are more flexible, they are less susceptible to be torn and snapped during movement. Plus, there’s a real sense of accomplishment in being able to touch your toes. :)

Promotes circulation. Stretching strengthens blood flow by increasing blood supply to the muscles. The stretching benefits for muscles is that they get additional oxygen and nutrients for increased circulation.
Helps with aches and pains. Keeping the muscles stretched out helps keep aches and pains at bay by preventing muscle tightness that can cause them to painfully cramp up. Keeping the muscles in your neck, back, hips and chest relieves the pressure on the lumbar spine and can help prevent postural problems.

Peace of mind. Stretching benefits can extend beyond the muscles to your mind. As the muscles contract and lengthen, the whole body can relax into a calm emotional state. This is also a great time to reflect on the workout or the day ahead of you.
Lean, toned muscles. The benefits of stretching include muscles that look lean and toned instead of condensed and overly bulky. Be sure to stretch so more of those beautiful muscles that you’ve been working so hard for can be seen for all they are worth.
I love experiencing the stretching benefits from taking a few extra minutes before and after a workout to stretch out my muscles. I hope you are enjoying all the joys of stretching too!

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