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Abs made in the Kitchen meal plan

Everyone knows you can't out exercise a poor diet! But, the majority of people have no idea how to eat to acheive a lean tone physique! First of all you need to eat and eat frequently! No starving allowed!! This is a sample meal plan that I created!

Breakfast -
1 Whole Egg + 3 Egg Whites + 1/2 Cup Old-Fashioned Oatmeal
OR Egg White Omelette – 1/2 Cup Egg Whites + 1oz Fat Free Feta Cheese + Bell Peppers + Spinach

Snack 1-
1/2 Cup Nonfat Cottage Cheese + Serving Mixed Berries
OR 1/2 Cup Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt (can be sweeten with Stevia & cinnamon) + Medium Apple
OR 1/2 Serving Nuts or Nut Butter + Medium Pear or Apple

Lunch -
4 ounces of Fish, Chicken or Extra Lean Ground Turkey + 1 Serving Fibrous Veggies + 1/2 Cup Brown Rice (Quinoa or 4oz Yam/Sweet Potato or 1 Slice Ezekiel Bread)

Snack 2-
2 servings of Lemon Protein bars or 2 turkey meat loaf muffins and Shakeology

Dinner -
4 ounces of Chicken, Fish or Extra Lean Ground Turkey + 1 Serving Fibrous Veggies

Protein Shake made with 1 Cup Unsweetened Almond or Coconut Milk or Water (I like to blend mine with ice)
I am starting a 30 day clean eating and shakeology challenge group on April 1st! If you would like more meal plans, clean eating recipes, and be willing to replace one meal a day with Shakeology! Please message me at  or FRIEND request me on facebook! fb@alyssaschomakerfitness

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Beachbody is going International

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