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Join a Top Ten Team in Beachbody: Royal Republic

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This team blow my mind away! I never imagined the friends and people that I have been blessed to meet and work with over the last 2 years. I was a nurse that wanted to make a difference. I was tired of the hours and crazy shifts in the hospital and just wanted to be home with my babies. I never thought i would have crazy successful business in less then 2 years time, be home with babies, and make a difference in the life... the health of another.... A complete Blessing in itself.

I can tell you that I basically took a leap of faith and listened to a whisper in my gut to just go for it. The messages saying you made a difference,  clients happy, full of energy and confidence became addictive to me. I thrive on knowing what I doing has purpose. I have attracted other like minded individuals that crave the same. Our team has a big health care focus... considering it mostly consists of nurses. But, every single person regardless of their background is client centered. That is the best part. In this business if you focus on the person you will have incredible success. I believe this is why so many in healthcare really succeed in this business.

I am a nurse, mother, with no business experience what so ever. I knew nothing about social media, 200 friends on Facebook, and no other media what so ever before I started as a coach. In less then 2 years... i reached the highest rank in the company and ended 2014 as a top 10 elite coach..... winning a trip to PARIS!!

royal republic, successful, top beachbody coach, Alyssa Schomaker, Elite ooach training, elite coach

Have you wondered what we do as Beachbody coaches? Like you keep hearing about it but, have no idea what we actually do? Are you a motivated self-driven individual that gets fulfilled by helping others? 

Have you been looking for a team that is health care centered?

Coaches are everyday people that are helping others. We are not fitness professionals (well you can be... like I compete in NPC bikini) however it is not necessary. We like health and fitness. We were all on our own journeys and improving lives of others along the way.

royal republic, successful, top beachbody coach, Alyssa Schomaker, Elite ooach training, elite coach

So if you are wondering what the heck is a coach anyway... i am here to help you!! I truly want to calm some of your fears, answer your questions and help you to make an educated decision about becoming a coach!  

So here is what I have going on to help you with this decision making process:

I am going to have a live call on Tuesday night at 9p eastern. Where I will answer all of these questions for you.

royal republic, successful, top beachbody coach, Alyssa Schomaker, Elite ooach training, elite coach

During this call I will give you some background as to how I become a successful coach. What did I do in my first month and first 6 months to create successful habits, and how can you do it too!  I'm absolutely no different than you, I don't have any special powers, but what I do have is consistency over time and the drive and passion for helping others succeed.  You can learn any skill you need to in order to be successful.  If you are teachable and motivated then you will succeed!  

Click here to listen live on Tuesday night at 9p eastern:

I am going to walk you through the process of what a coach does, how to sign up, what are your investment options, how do you make money, how do you share vs sell and more!  You have the option to ask questions as well at the end!  If you would like to submit questions for me to answer ahead of time you can email me at and I will prepare the answers for you!!!!

Lastly if have watched the call, or if you know that you want to be on coach on Royal Republic then you are in for a treat. I just finished developing a brand new coach apprenticeship program that is the EPIC of all trainings that I have ever developed for new coaches. The brains of 3 Top Elite coaches having been busy working on the 


royal republic, successful, top beachbody coach, Alyssa Schomaker, Elite ooach training, elite coach

This training has everything that you need to be a successful coach. All of the tips and tricks I have learned to help you grow a successful business. Including Boot camp on the vital behaviors, Social media training, sponsoring high powered coaches, and leadership training. 

We just finished it and I am looking for 10 new coaches that want to do the training 1;1 with me.

This is going to be a one of a kind SMALL group where I am going to personally mentor you 1:1 and in a group setting over 30 days. All of the training is down online and you can go at your own pace.

I am going to teach you exactly what I did to start my business, to reach success in my first few months, to successfully invite, and start a challenge group without you having to re invent the wheel.

royal republic, successful, top beachbody coach, Alyssa Schomaker, Elite ooach training, elite coach
You will have access to my guides, my scripts, my resources, templates, and call recordings.  I absolutely love training my coaches and I feel very passionate about making sure you have a successful start!  While I cannot MAKE you successful, just as in your fitness journey, you can have a stellar meal plan and workout but if you don't follow the plan you won't get the results!  You have to do the work!  Same thing with our business!  It's fun, but it takes purposeful action each day to bring about results.  Instead of stabbing in the dark, I will guide you on that purposeful direction.

Does this sound like something you would like to do?  Then Complete the application below to be considered for a spot on my team and to gather more information!

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