Beachbody is going International

Beachbody is going International
Did you hear??? Beachbody is going International?

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Work with Alyssa

What do you get when you have an incredible product line, an amazing corporate team and the TOP leader's in the industry?
A ONCE in a lifetime opportunity. 

What is Team Beachbody?

What is the Beachbody Challenge?

What does a Beachbody Coach do?

How do you get paid?

Why join my team? Glad you asked!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a leader on our team. If you don't know who I am allow me share a little bit about me. My name is Alyssa. (the one in the white dress ;)
I am a wife and mom to 3 blessings. I am a registered nurse for 15 years and wanted nothing more then to be home with my children. I was sick of missing the little things, holidays, weekends and wanted more for my life. I had no business or social media experience prior to Beachbody but, I have a HUGE heart and passion for helping others. I built 7 figure business online in 3 years and we are a 2x top 10 team!! As a health and fitness coach I have the honor to help others with their health as well as teach people how to create a success online fitness business on their smart phones.

 The incredible quality of the products, values, integrity and commitment from our corporate team absolutely blows me away. I became a consistent TOP earner and grew my business through social media so I will be giving you the tools I used to do the same. You can learn more about me HERE.

I am looking for individuals who are ready to change their lives.

To live a life to their full potential emotionally, physically and financially. 

To help you become everything God created you to be. We have put together the most ELITE team of leaders to help you grow in this business. The support you need, the friendships you will cherish and finally LIVING LIFE on YOUR terms is a possibility NOW.

In the last four years I’ve awakened new curiosities. I’ve learned a heck of a lot about self-love, business, finding your tribe, empowerment, cleansing your environment, relationships, protecting your energy, becoming resourceful despite your lack of resources, and doing what it takes to just freakin’ go for it. See after the death of my grandfather from CHF and Diabetes I knew that I could do more to prevent these deadly diseases. I had to find a way to give people the support and motivation to make the changes they needed in their life for themselves, for their families, for generations to come.
But real change can only happen if you never give up. So I never did. I chose to keep getting up after life’s beat downs. I’ve trumped talent, had some powerful wins, and some knee-hitting moments of gratitude. I’ve found my truest of relationships and am proudly rocking my million-dollar business. I am the CEO of my life. I have tremendous purpose and this team is making EPIC changes in this beautiful world.
Let’s write your story.
You’ve been searching for something. Am I right? Maybe it’s the body, the money, the career, your health, the relationship, the spiritual connection—maybe you want it all, the whole package. But how do you get it? What’s the first step? This is it. You’ve taken it. Whatever you’re after, the good news is that you can get it right here. So, go ahead and make yourself at home. Put on a cup of tea, curl up, and get cozy, friend, because you’re about to be promoted to the Spiritual CEO of your life.
I want to help you find what it is you’re looking for. If you show up and do the work, it’s all yours. It won’t be easy, but it will be the beginning of living a miraculous life. I am the push you need, and I won’t buy into the crap you have been telling yourself. I know you’re a supernova even if you don’t. You may be here for the body, or you may be seeking your purpose and peace of mind. Whatever it is, we are going to peel back all of the layers to reveal your unique fierceness and create a life fueled by passion and full of bliss.

What kind of training is provided?

 What is Team Royal Republic?  

Our Coaching Family is a team of women, men, single, married, moms, dads, teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, health coaches, multi business owners, and stay at home moms to name a few. 

I created this incredible family 4 years ago when I started growing my team of coaches.  My vision for my team is being able to provide support, training, guidance and accountability so that you can reach your business and personal goals.  There is no reason for a new coach to have to go out and re invent the wheel when I have created so many resources and tools to help you succeed.

I remember how I felt as a new coach!  There was so much to learn and I had literally ZERO experience with social media, with network marketing or building a business.  I had to start from scratch. So I created documents, guides and scripts in which I share with my team. We have a simple team training site exclusive for our team as well as quick start social media training that will get your business up and running quickly.

We work together as a team.  There is no “I” in “TEAM”.  We are successful because it is a team effort!  I am blessed to have truly wonderful hard working coaches as a part of my organization.

Coaching has changed my life not just physically but financially and personally and if this speaks to you, please know that you are welcome to join our team and I would love to have you!

How do I get started?

A few things to consider before applying:

#1 - You must be willing and ready to get in the best shape of your life using Beachbody programs and/or products {P90X, T-25, Insanity, Shakeology, etc} - I will be coaching you not only on the business, but on best practices in nutrition and fitness. There is absolutely NO NEED to be at your goal body already, but you must be willing to lead by example and be a product of the products! My number one focus is to help you get in the best health of your life.

#2 - You must FULLY commit to completing ALL coach training assignments and agree to living OUTSIDE of your comfort zone! Change is not EASY… but I have essentially compressed a 30 year career into 4 years, and I am helping others to do the SAME so that they can fit their work around their LIFE, rather than fitting their life around their WORK. 

#3 - You must be COACHABLE & COMMITTED. I am going to openly share in just 21 days what took me HUNDREDS of hours and MANY mistakes over the past 3 years to learn about and master this business! Essentially, this info is LIQUID GOLD… and I will be giving it to you for FREE, as I invest my time into you and help you create and establish your own at-home business. What I require in return is for you to meet me half way and want, will for and work for your success as much as I do.

If you have longed for more freedom, more financial stability, to make a difference and to be connected to people who are doing the same… This just may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

I am always in search of coaches who match the culture and integrity of our team! If you feel like you are ready to start taking steps to living YOUR LIFE by design, complete the application below! 

 I would love to chat with you if this is something you are interested in. I am looking to build an incredible team of leaders who are looking to get healthy and wealthy while helping others! I am here to partner with you through this journey and serve you however I can. Much love, Alyssa


Income Disclaimer and Income Earnings Statement: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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Beachbody is going International

Beachbody is going International

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