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It's official... 5 star elite Beachbody coach in less then one year

WOW!! This  year has been such a ride! I cannot believe how much as changed in my life! Depressed and having the desire to find away to spend more time with my young family and escape from the misery of my position as a pediatric nurse I took a leap of faith and started health coaching!

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They say that everything happens for a reason and I truly believe in that! It is not that I don't love being a nurse. Actually that is the furthest from the truth! Nursing is my love and passion! I love love love being a nurse. I just happened to be in a hospital that was experiencing a HUGE nursing Turnover, lack of management, and change in administration. I do believe that change is good. I really tried to give everything the benefit of a doubt. But, then I had to face reality. How many times can I ask myself, "It can't get worse then this right?" Then another nurse would leave our unit. Our nursing manager was not replaced and the acuity continued to rise. The thing is that I love nursing but, I love to care for others and shower people with love more.

Beachbody coach success, elite coach, nurse, beachbody, Top Coach, nurse, motivation, inspiration, Alyssa schomaker, Bombshell dynasty
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I have this deep burning desire to help others succeed. Wether it is my coaches, my challengers, my friends, family, or the children on my son's hockey team. I what you to know that anything in life is possible if you believe in it! I was not always this way. I failed my way to the top and continue to fail daily. But, my passion and soul is on fire. We have a huge obesity epidemic here in the U.S.A. Individuals need our support and motivation to reach their goals. Love and attention goes along way in ending the obesity epidemic.  I have single handily helped over 500 people last year reach their health and fitness goals through education, support and motivation.

There is no magic answer to success but, I can tell you that I am willing to help anyone that contacts me. I care and I am very compassionate about what I do. I receive a lot of messages and emails regarding Beachbody coaching so I made this video for you. I am particular about the individuals that join my team because love for others, seeing other people succeed, and being a caring compassionate individual tops my list. Are these qualities that you possess? Do you love health and fitness and want to help other people achieve their goals? You can do this as a hobby, part time or full time but, you HAVE to have the desire to help others live a healthy, fulfilling life. I am interviewing new coaches now for my coach apprenticeship group that starts on the 10th. Fill out this application and send me a friend request on Facebook so we can set up a time to chat. I would love to hear from you!
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Beachbody is going International

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